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This part of the blog provides a space where we can share memories of those online friends who have made an impact on our lives.

10/7/2012 – Casey B. 

Today, on Chris’ birthday, I wanted to share one of my favourite memories. I was surprised to realise that what I thought was one conversation was actually three, but the memory is still precious. I think I’ve mentioned before that Chris loved to cook. In fact, I used to use talk of food as a guide to how she was feeling. If she spoke of making pizza, I could be sure that she was OK. Our first chat about pizza threw up some linguistic difficulties, however. At first, she informed me that she was ‘amassing’ the dough. I laughed to myself, and she said she wasn’t sure whether that was the right word. As I sometimes had to, I provided the correct word, then confused her more by asking what topping she put on her pizzas. I then had to explain what a topping was, and used the example of pepperoni, cursing myself for an hour afterwards when I realised that she was a vegetarian…

I wish Chris every blessing on her birthday, and look forward to reading others’ memories of their friends. If you’d like to contribute, please comment below. I will move the stories up to the main page once a month. 

17th June 2013

I found myself  thinking of Chris tonight, but then, that’s nothing new. The strange thing was that I went back to a different good memory than the ones I’d usually revisit. This was one evening, as I struggled with the tuning of one particular string on my guitar:

‘That pesky  string! I can’t get it to stay in tune…”

“Which string?”

“The third, G.”

“I know. Breathe deeply…in, out, in, out.”

So many of my memories are like that….I was so blessed to know her. So often I forget that…



3 Responses to Share a memory…

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  2. melissa says:

    10th of July…I remember meeting my soul sis’ family over at FB. It was the first and last time I used FB chat but I remember how happy I was to be able to experiment with my soul sister…

    It was the time when she was undergoing major changes in her life… but she promised to ‘always stay with me’… We promised to be always united in love and prayers..

    I also recall that it was the time she asked me to move on from my relationship with Sam…

    10th of July, 2011

    • Casey B says:

      Hi, Melissa.

      Thank you for sharing this memory of your friend and her family. Such relationships are precious, and promises such as yours are eternal. I hope your memories and love for your friend keep her close in your heart.

      Take care,


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