Finding the right words for both of us…

Hi, friends.

I hope this post finds you well. This grieving is an interesting cycle…or at least I continue to find it so. Ordinary Beatles events are fine…new releases aren’t so much, because I am wholly aware that Chris will never hear them. Or maybe it’s because we’ll never get the chance to have a proper chat about them here.

Another of my coping mechanisms involves completely forgetting The Beatles’ birthdays. If there’s a way I can avoid remembering such occasions, I will. Of course, sometimes fate gets in the way of that. Next year would mark George Harrison’s 70th birthday, which is every bit as much of a milestone for fans as it would be if he were still on the planet.

English: George Harrison in the Oval Office du...

English: George Harrison in the Oval Office during the Ford administration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently read that one of the George fan communities I’m involved with has plans to put on an exhibition in Liverpool in February 2013. It will last two weeks, and form a showcase of George’s life and career. I spent a few moments thinking how wonderful that would be, as any George fan would…and then it hit me. The person organising the exhibition has invited fans to send cards which they will display, and I found myself cursing fate.

Fortunately, a few seconds later, I realised that there is a way around it.  Although Chris is not present to take part, I intend to make a card ‘from’ both of us. Therein lies the challenge. I know exactly what I would like to say, and will say. Having more than half an idea about what Chris would want to write is difficult, but I feel that it’s necessary to include her.

The names of those who have contributed will be posted on the For George website and Facebook page…so I intend to write a brief note explaining. That’ll be fun (!) But at least there is a way I can include her in the moment, as she was a committed George fan throughout her life, and that should be recognised.

The challenge remains in finding what to say. Any suggestions on making that a process which doesn’t take months would be much appreciated.

Tomorrow is a significant day for me, and Navigating Cyberloss as I have a guest post going live as part of Project: Underblog. I will be writing on the subject of the importance of online friendship, and would appreciate it if you’d check it out. I’ll post the link here as soon as it goes live. 

Wishing you peace and strength on your journeys,

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About Casey Bottono

I am in love with language. I write poetry and fiction in a wide variety of genres. Most recently, I have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities' Pen2Paper contest.
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2 Responses to Finding the right words for both of us…

  1. A tribute to George and remembering Chris all at the same time. Sounds perfect! I’ll be sure to check for your live link tomorrow, Casey. 🙂

    • Casey B says:

      Thanks for your comment, Martha.

      I’ll be sure to share a picture of the card here when it’s completed. I look forward to sharing the link to my Project Underblog post too.

      Take care, my friend.



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