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Hi, friends. I logged on to the George Harrison messageboard today, not expecting to find anything revolutionary. The place is a bit of a ghost town these days. Much to my surprise, there was some discussion going on about a … Continue reading

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Finally painting my masterpiece…

The past five years have been quite a journey for me, but with the evolution of this blog into a true community, I feel as though I’m finally beginning to paint my masterpiece. It’s an honour to share this journey with all of you. Continue reading

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Connecting and commemorating.

I’d like to begin this post by thanking all those who have read and commented on Kevin’s post about Macey. It was a pleasure to read the comments that were left. Stories have always played a vital role in my … Continue reading

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Guest post: ‘For Macey: A Friend I Never Met’ by Kevin McGinley

Today I am honoured that Navigating Cyberloss reader Kevin McGinley has shared his experience of online friendship and loss in this article.  For Macey—A Friend I Never Met In early 2011 my friend Macey died in a car crash when … Continue reading

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10th July 2012 – a birthday tribute

So, it’s Chris’ birthday again. As ever, it’s a struggle to find the words to adequately express what Chris means to me, but I’ve tried to show that through the new maṇḍala page. Continue reading

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Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Challenged

Today I’ve decided to take part in Stream of Consciousness Sunday again – now hosted at Jana’s Thinking Space. I don’t intend to participate every week, but this week’s prompt inspired me – write about a time when you were challenged.  … Continue reading

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