Participation in online communities after cyberloss

Hello, friends.

I’d like to ask you  a question – really just to see whether I’m the only person who’s noticed this. That question is: has your level of participation in online communities dropped since your loss?

The answer may be obvious, but personally I was surprised to realise that I hardly ever post on the George Harrison forum where I met Chris any more. I contributed to a discussion about a recent interview with Harrison’s widow tonight, and hadn’t posted for a month before that. I’m not sure of the proper explanation; I just don’t feel drawn to the community any more, in the absence of the way things were.

Please vote in the poll, and share your response/story in the comments if you feel comfortable doing so. 

Wishing you peace and strength on your journeys,

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About Casey Bottono

I am in love with language. I write poetry and fiction in a wide variety of genres. Most recently, I have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities' Pen2Paper contest.
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2 Responses to Participation in online communities after cyberloss

  1. Kevin says:

    That’s a really interesting point and one I’d kind of been aware of but never thought that much about what was behind it. But very much so – I found my online presence and interaction with others really dropped considerably and am not sure what the reasons were, but I know I got to feeling increasingly uncomfortable and edgy and backed away a lot from online connections. Why is that, do you think?

    • Casey B says:

      Thanks for your response, Kevin.

      I can only offer my opinion, but once we’ve had personal contact with somebody in an online community, it can be very daunting to go back to addressing a community as a whole. Plus, on some level, I think we come to expect their presence within a community, and find the thought ‘They would have loved that!’ creeping in. Forging the same level of relationship which was present with the person who’s passed on is almost impossible, as well, I think…so that’s why I have stopped participating in online communities pretty much generally.

      Take care,


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