A sweet new understanding

Hi, folks.

Hope this post finds you all well. I am basking in the light of a new understanding after watching a television programme I taped last night. This particular programme followed television presenter Kate Thornton as she retraced the route of her own battle with anorexia. I’d taped it in the hope that I would be able to watch it at some point, but I did not expect it to be so watchable that I sat through the whole programme in one sitting. I expected that it would have a harmful effect on me, but thankfully, that was not the case. I am grateful that Channel ¬†5 were willing to tackle the issue in such a sensitive way, and whilst I am not sure that it explains exactly why Kim’s condition deteriorated to the point that it did, I take some comfort from the programme and the understanding with which it has provided me.

Who knows? Maybe now I will be able to think of Kim without immediately using a derogatory phrase. I sincerely hope so. I find myself in an undesirable situation at the moment, trying to cope with it, understand it, and ignore it at the same time is never going to work.

Still, I think I might be on the right track.

Wishing you all the best, as usual,


About Casey Bottono

I am in love with language. I write poetry and fiction in a wide variety of genres. Most recently, I have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities' Pen2Paper contest.
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