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Blogging the unbloggable

Hi, folks. Here’s hoping this post finds you all well. Gary Allan’s singing in my headphones as I write this, all about ‘putting memories away’. I can’t even start to think about that today. For some reason I’m stumped and … Continue reading

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The blessing of those who listen

Hi, folks. I hope this post finds you all well. I seem to be experiencing a period of emotional equilibrium, which I value in the pendulum of this experience of grief. I know that I am blessed in that I … Continue reading

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Jumped by fate.

Today’s been a mixed bag…I didn’t think I would end up posting, because I didn’t think I’d need to. Yesterday was not a great day, in terms of trying to wrestle with my own thoughts and feelings about Kim.  So, … Continue reading

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Love Sorrow – Mary Oliver

I found this originally at  alive and mortal:   I hope the poem can bring some comfort to you as you deal with the various implications of your different losses, and yet they are similar…we all walk the path … Continue reading

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Stuck: pure and simple

This is a strange place to be, much like in my earlier ‘Void’ posts. I’m not feeling anything particularly alarming, other than not feeling anything. I’m half proud of myself, half surprised and filled with awe that I’m actually working … Continue reading

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A sweet new understanding

Hi, folks. Hope this post finds you all well. I am basking in the light of a new understanding after watching a television programme I taped last night. This particular programme followed television presenter Kate Thornton as she retraced the … Continue reading

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Cyberloss and Free Advice Day

I read about Free Advice Day over at Mel’s blog ‘Stirrup Queens’. I know it’s not something that regular readers would expect me to join in with, but I think it’s worth doing something for. The aim of it is … Continue reading

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