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Commemorating an English friend from Canada – Bill Howdle’s experience of online loss

Whilst catching up on blogs I follow recently, I was incredibly moved by Bill Howdle’s tale of how he and his wife Vi chose to commemorate the passing of an online friend of theirs who had first contacted Bill through … Continue reading

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Grief and New Year’s Resolutions (2012 version)

There seems to be some demand for another New Year’s resolutions post- so here it is! If you have recently experienced the loss of an online friend (or even not so recently) New Year’s resolutions may not be a topic … Continue reading

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Including departed online friends in festive customs.

Hello all, I hope you all had a bearable Christmas, as hard as it may have been knowing that you would have received an email or something from somebody you knew within the online community. (Trust me, I know…) I … Continue reading

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A Christmas wish from Navigating Cyberloss

Just a short post today.  I’m writing here to wish all of you journeying through cyberloss, and ‘ordinary’ loss a tolerable and bearable Christmas. (I know that ‘merry’ may be a stretch, but do try to enjoy it.) So ‘Merry’ Christmas, … Continue reading

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Memorials and rituals for our online friends

Whilst chatting with a regular reader of Navigating Cyberloss on Thursday, our conversation sowed the seed for this post. The person responsible knows who they are! One of the things which makes grieving the loss of an online friend so … Continue reading

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It’s hard work to hate somebody so much…

Today’s got me in a spin. I’m trying to think about how I can be of use to myself, and to the fledgling Navigating Cyberloss community. I desperately want something to grow out of this experience, rather than it just … Continue reading

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Remembering online friends offline

When you’re grieving, it can be difficult enough to find a way to let yourself feel the emotions, to tap into them so that you can release them safely without hurting yourself or others. An added complication for people who … Continue reading

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