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Ten years since we lost George Harrison

              I’m writing this on the eve of the tenth anniversary of George Harrison’s passing. George is an inspiration to me, in the way that he expressed himself through music and generally made the … Continue reading

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A nice surprise…perhaps from her.

  I got in tonight and thought I’d listen to ‘Antologias de los Beatles’ (Francisco’s radio show) for the first time in a while…the show had already started when I tuned in, but the host was about to play a … Continue reading

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An amazing video.

I found this through Stacey Adams’ blog Connecting with Zoe (begun after her sister’s suicide) She posted on a page simply called ‘Grief’ about a video called ‘Abraham: FROM GRIEF TO JOY’ which I now feel compelled to share with you, … Continue reading

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Grim realisations…

‘You want love But it’s never deep enough You want life But it’s never long enough You want peace Like it’s something you can buy And you want time But you’re content to watch it fly‘ (‘April 5th’ – Cash/Costello/Kristofferson, … Continue reading

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Order of the Good Death – a very interesting website.

Whilst browsing on the Death Café blog (see earlier post) I stumbled upon the Order of the Good Death.  Caitlin’s website aims to demystify death and make it something that is more talked about than feared. I agree wholeheartedly, personally…it’s something we … Continue reading

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An entirely different kind of café (with gratitude to Kristie West)

Whilst browsing the Twittersphere (has that become an accepted word yet?) yesterday, I happened to stumble upon a retweet of what I later discovered to be a very interesting blog post  by London grief specialist Kristie West. She talks within it … Continue reading

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Watching ‘George Harrison: Living In The Material World’

In short, it was like a football match. (I’ve not lost it completely yet, just referring to how I felt last year watching the Argentina games in the World Cup.) Whilst watching the World Cup, I put a small framed … Continue reading

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