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Beware of sadness…

It can hit you, It can hurt you… Make you sore, and what is more That is not what you are here for George Harrison – ‘Beware of Darkness’ Aching as I write this…emotionally, of course. Tidying up a cubbyhole … Continue reading

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Triggers which are outside our control.

It seems weird to have to post on a day when I’ve largely been feeling alright, but I read something today that’s brought the old issue of what to do with my MySpace account right back to the fore. I … Continue reading

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Diplomacy in grief

I’m listening to Jackson Browne’s ‘Fountain of Sorrow’ as I write this, and thinking about exactly how diplomatic one should be whilst grieving. What I mean is I’m having difficulty with thoughts that Kim pretty much orchestrated her own downfall … Continue reading

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Walking Slow….

Walking slow down the avenue Through my old neighbourhood Don’t know why I’m happy I got no reason to feel this good Yes! I’m feeling good at the moment. I know that it may not last, but I like the … Continue reading

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Drenched in cold water again…

Strangely enough, I do today. (Feel like I’m standing on the other side of that.) Cold, hard reality is intervening, and I can’t shelter in the usual songs, because I’m starting to expect myself to be moving on. In truth, a … Continue reading

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How can I help you?

Hi, folks. Now I’m further along in my journey, and have probably bored you enough with my stories and wailings from the depths of this grief place, I’m going to ask you a question. What would you like to see … Continue reading

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At last – a little more light.

It’s funny (strange, not humorous, most of the time) what other people can do for those of us whom grief has touched. I’ve always been interested in it from a personal perspective, rather than the academic one. (Whether that’s because I … Continue reading

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