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August 2011 – UNICEF ‘Month of Giving’

In honour of the fortieth anniversary of George Harrison’s iconic ‘Concert for Bangladesh‘, which preceded Live Aid by fourteen years, and was thus the first concert for a cause, UNICEF have declared August 2011 a ‘Month of Giving’.  A variety … Continue reading

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Offshoots from grief journalling.

I’m now involved in a songwriting challenge of sorts called 50/90 – the aim being 50 songs in 90 days, between the fourth of July and the first of October.  It’s the second time I’ve done it, and hopefully the … Continue reading

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Demons on every corner

This is well and truly a moment by moment process. For some reason, I felt I was strong enough to finally watch a video that one of Kim’s friends had made which was dedicated to her, and emailed to me … Continue reading

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What are you so afraid of?

What are you so afraid of?  That’s the question that bugs me every time I let it in. I think about it more often than I should, because now a lot of time has passed since Chris died, and I … Continue reading

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10th July, 2011- a birthday tribute

‘I will hold you, for as long as you like, I’ll hold you for the rest of my life.’ This comes around so quickly- seems like only yesterday I was sitting here struggling to find words to commemorate Chris last … Continue reading

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Recording done, at last.

Just thought I’d update the blog to let you guys know that I’ve managed to do the recording, although goodness knows when it will be broadcast. I’m really hoping for Sunday, ’cause that’s Chris’ birthday. Will keep you posted.  

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