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Ouch- got me again.

So, I sat down this afternoon to lay down a guitar track for the cover of ‘No Reply’ for Chris’ birthday. I’d planned, when I do the final recording, to have a picture of her in a convenient spot, so … Continue reading

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Often on my mind, always in my heart…

I’m sitting here thinking of Chris, as is so often the case these days. The principal difference is that this is a real positive thinking. I cannot let myself spend so much time thinking about the way things ended, and whether … Continue reading

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Drawing inspiration from the old (musical) well…

I’ve just recently hooked up with the blog writing circle Prompt-ly – so you’ll hopefully see a more varied regime of posting from me soon. This is a response to a discussion on whether music inspires us to write.   For … Continue reading

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A golden opportunity to remember.

I’ve done a lot lately to attempt to forget about the grief experiences which have seemed to define me as a person in recent times. I continually hunt for ways to remember and commemorate Chris in particular, which is not … Continue reading

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The height of bravery or the heart of a fool?

Thinking again. It always crowds in, just as I think I’ve got a handle on it. I’m wondering why I seem to be such a living Jekyll and Hyde at the moment – in part I feel that Chris’ decision … Continue reading

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Endless procrastination

I’m still immersed in procrastinating with this grieving lark. I’ve yet to actually deal with the emails, because I’ve been ridiculously busy. After watching the Terry Pratchett documentary on Monday (which I posted about here) I’m still deep in thought. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Terry Pratchett’s “Choosing to Die”

I’m writing this retrospectively, based on what I can remember of the post that started to write itself in my head shortly after I watched this BBC TV programme last night. If you’re unfamiliar with Terry Pratchett, then I’ll give … Continue reading

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