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Return To Truth

Return to Truth If I say it slowly, Pronounce each word with the weight it deserves Do I then come to believe it? This world is quite different Without the faith on which I used to lean Maybe there’s a … Continue reading

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Creativity and grief

Sorry all’s been quiet around here. I’ve had a period where I certainly felt it but couldn’t put it into words. So, I found myself putting it into folding paper. I’ve discovered origami, and am into it in a big way. … Continue reading

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Thought cat and the thought mice (poem)

It’s odd what not being able to drop off at night can bring. In this case it was a rather odd poem. I guess I was running the grief thought process through my head, although I’ve thought about the specific … Continue reading

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Void II

I spent yesterday sorting through comments left on MySpace over the course of three years. 92 comments, and probably half of them that contained some permutation of ‘I love you’. I find myself thinking of Warren Zevon’s ‘Keep Me In … Continue reading

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Words I found a long time ago…

Perfect for times when there are none. Like now. I seem to remember I wrote this the last time it started to hit the fan. Then it turned out OK, and I never sent it because I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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