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Grieving with what remains of my faith…

This new loss has shown me something alarming. I may usually lean on my faith at times like these, but this time (probably because I’m so ‘early out’) it doesn’t seem to be there. Instead there’s just an awareness that … Continue reading

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Fresh grief…

Sorry it’s been quiet here. Grieving again, anew. R.I.P  Kim Harris (15/4/1980-15/1/2011)   I should be back to posting when the dust settles. (Heard about it on Saturday, not sure how I’m feeling at the moment.)

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Keeping the door ajar

I’ve been thinking again. As those of you who read this blog know, the eighth of April will mark four years since Chris passed. (If I don’t think about it at all, I can use the other word, but not … Continue reading

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“Opening the Door to Hope – Helping you Step through Grief”

This post is about a resource I have found thanks to grief coach Maureen Hunter, who has prepared a free e-book with strategies to help through the early days of grief. (Four years later, it’s maybe not so early any … Continue reading

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Final conversations…

When I think of Chris without the ritual that I have established to avoid falling into the trap, my mind immediately strays to the final exchange we had. Then, of course, from there it’s a slippery slope to the last … Continue reading

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Wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then

This post is unusual, in that I’m thinking about grief still, but this time relating it to this Bob Seger song. How many of us have thought some form of the words he sings, the words which form the title … Continue reading

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Do you *really*?

I’m surprised I don’t ask myself this question on a minute by minute basis. It’s been nearly four years since I felt I needed to, but maybe that need is still there. It refers to ‘Do you really…’ Wish it … Continue reading

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